Making automation accessible to Revit users.


C# Add-Ins.

Native Revit API Add-Ins built from scratch.

Dynamo Scripts.

Advanced Dynamo Scripts to perform repetitive tasks.

Analyze Tab:

3 Dynamo scripts as Revit buttons.

Drag and drop your scripts into our folder to easily integrate them into your Revit Analyze toolbar.

  • Tested in Revit v.2020 and Dynamo v2.3.

Clash Detection script:

Detect clashes between selected categories.

Select the Revit categories to clash and a 3D focused view for each clash will automaticaly be created.

  • Tested in Revit v.2020 and Dynamo v2.3.

  • Dynamo packages required: BimorphNodes, Data-Shapes, Clockwork, Rhythm, Genius Loci, Spring Nodes, Visual Style Select, Archi-lab.

Nonica Add-INS

How buttons works?

Follow these 4 steps to integrate 3 Dynamo Scripts into your Revit toolbar.


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